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Capital Infusion Group is a Maryland based Real Estate Investment, Mortgage Finance Company, and property management company based out of Baltimore, Maryland; with offices in Baltimore City, Atlanta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.


The company's principals collectively have over 50 years of Real Estate experience in Real Estate investment and Commercial mortgage financing. The principles of Capital Infusion Group have bought and sold millions of dollars of commercial and residential properties, as well as financed millions of residential and commercial transactions such as assisted living facilities, churches, multifamily property, bars, and residential investment property.


One of our primary focuses is assisting new as well as experienced investors grow their Real Estate Investment portfolio. The principals will review the client’s goals and objectives, as well as their financial scenario and construct a strategy that the client can implement immediately. The principals of Capital Infusion Group will help the client in all areas of implementation of the plan as it pertains to financing and property selection that entails market and neighborhood analysis.



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